Upcoming & Recent activity

New! An integer representation for periodic tilings of the plane with regular polygons, Computer & Graphics, in press, Jan 2021.
[10/2020] Colóquio do Instituto de Física, IF-UFF
[09/2020] Seminario del Departamento de Matemáticas del ITAM
[08/2020] PhD Thesis defense: On Periodic Tilings with Regular Polygons
[10/2019] Department of Computer Science - University College London (UCL)
Interests: tilings · geometric processing · digital fabrication · data science ·
math education and communication · visual arts and music.



math education & communication

visual arts & music

Post-doctoral research fellow @ Tecgraf (PUC-Rio) / UFMA

PhD in Mathematics, Computer Graphics @ IMPA, in Visgraf Lab
Thesis: On Periodic Tilings with Regular Polygons [Project page]